LHC Reach of Low Scale Gauge Mediation with Perturbatively Stable Vacuum

Physics Letters B (Impact Factor: 6.13). 05/2010; 692(2). DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2010.07.027
Source: arXiv


Very light gravitino scenario m_{3/2} < 16 eV is very interesting, since there is no cosmological problem. However in such a scenario, stability of the vacuum is an important issue. Recently, Yonekura and one of the authors RS have investigated the parameter space of a low scale gauge mediation with a perturbatively stable vacuum and found that there are severe upper bound on the gaugino masses. In this paper, we show that such a model can be completely excluded/discovered at very early stage of the LHC run. Comment: 10 pages, 1 figure; v2: minor collections

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    ABSTRACT: If the supersymmetry (SUSY) is a solution to the hierarchy problem, it is puzzling that any SUSY particle has not been discovered yet. We show that there is a low-scale conformal gauge mediation model which contains all necessary ingredients, i.e. not only a SUSY-breaking dynamics and a gauge mediation mechanism, but also a candidate for the dark matter. The model has only one free mass parameter, that is, the mass for messengers. In this model, the dark matter is provided by a composite particle in the SUSY-breaking sector, and the observed value of the dark matter density uniquely fixes the mass of messengers at the order of 102 TeV. Then, the sfermion and gaugino masses are fixed to be of order 102–103 GeV without any arbitrariness, thus the SUSY particles are expected not to be discovered at the Tevatron or LEP, while having a discovery possibility at the LHC.
    Preview · Article · Jun 2010 · Physics Letters B
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    ABSTRACT: We propose a new class of models with gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking, the cascade supersymmetry breaking. This class of models is consistent with the gravitino mass as low as O(1)eV without having suppressed gaugino masses, nor the Landau pole problems of the gauge coupling constants of the Standard Model below the scale of the grand unification. In particular, there is no supersymmetric vacuum in the vicinity of the supersymmetry breaking vacuum even for such a low gravitino mass. Thus, the model does not have a vacuum stability problem decaying into supersymmetric vacua. Comment: 27 pages, 3 figures
    Preview · Article · Sep 2010 · Journal of High Energy Physics
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    ABSTRACT: We consider the simplest class of the R-invariant gauge mediation model with the gravitino mass in the one to ten keV range. We show that the entropy production from the supersymmetry breaking sector makes the gravitino into a warm dark matter candidate. We also discuss that the gluino mass can be lighter than the wino mass even when the messenger sector satisfies the GUT relations at the GUT scale.
    Preview · Article · Dec 2010 · Journal of High Energy Physics
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