Gizi Pada Ibu Hamil dan Menyusui

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Source: OAI

From nutritional point of view, pregnant women are group of people that have high risk for many health problems. It can be seen from the high prevalence of morbidity and mortality rates during pregnancy. Because of the high risk to the health problems, they need additional nutrients during pregnancy in order to increase their capability to protect themselves from many diseases, especially nutrition–related diseases. Pregnant women require energy that sufficient to support the growth and development of their fetuses, as well as placenta, and mammary gland. Also, energy is needed to maintain their health. However, the quantity of food intake during pregnancy should not be excessive, because it has negative effects for the mother’s and fetuses’ health. With the same reasons, lactating mothers need additional intake of protein, energy, fat, minerals, and vitamins that are able to support the production of human milk and to maintain their health.

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