Empowerment of the American Noncommissioned Officer (NCO).

Source: OAI


The NCO Corps stood up shortly after the Army formed in June of 1775 and NCOs modeled after the NCOs in the continental European era. Those NCOs were the disciplinary, masters of drill, and overall managers of the troops much like the NCOs serving today. From that point in time, NCOs have shaped the structure of the military for many years through tough rigorous training and supervision. There are some regulatory guidance’s that help facilitate the ground work for empowerment of NCOs in today’s Army. Education is one of the tools that will help assist NCOs train and properly lead their Soldiers to accomplish their unit’s mission and ultimately fight and win our nations wars. NCOs must possess the right mixture of skills; they must also be both technically and tactically proficient in their daily duties at all times. Although some NCOs do not uphold the standards due to complacency or possible other reason, the NCO Corps as a whole takes charge when needed and makes things happen. The American NCO is by far the most empowered NCO Corps out of all the military’s around the world. Professionalism is one of the key factors of the empowerment of the American NCO. Other critical elements that help empower the American NCO are living the Army Values and the NCO Creed that illustrates the foundation of the fabric of the NCO Corps.

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