Distal Urethral Stenosis in the Female

Canadian family physician Médecin de famille canadien (Impact Factor: 1.34). 12/1975; 21(12):47-50.
Source: PubMed


The author has carried out a clinical study on 200 females of all ages presenting with symptoms of urethritis, urethrotrigonitis or recurrent urinary tract infection.The significance of distal urethral stenosis and the pathogenesis of the recurrent urinary tract infection are discussed. Eighty-nine percent of young girls, 82 percent of young women and 83 percent of older women were markedly improved or completely relieved of their clinical symptoms following distal urethrotomy. This study demonstrates that distal urethral stenosis is a real entity and that its correction by distal urethrotomy may play a significant role in managing females of all ages with symptoms of urethritis or recurrent urinary tract infection.