Kajian Pembinaan Konsep Sains Berdasarkan Model Generatif-Metakognitif di Kalangan Pelajar

Source: OAI


Aim of this study was to investigate the students' understanding towards science concept especially on “The Basic Concept of Matter in Physical Phenomenon” and metacognitive strategies of the student during the development of their concept. The study was carried out in two major stages i.e Phase I and Phase II. The first phase of the study involved the investigation of students' initial understanding while in the second phase involved the study of metacognitive strategies of the student during the development of science concept. A set of comprehension test was used as the instrument to gather information on the students' initial understandings. One-hundred-and-eighty-two (N=182) randomly selected students served as the subjects of this study. Retrospective interviews were conducted on fifteen-students in order to examine their practices of metacognitive strategies in mastering the concept. Data were analyzed using content analysis technique. The findings of Phase I revealed that the students' understandings and their practices of strategies in mastering “The Basic Concept of Matter in Physical Phenomenonâ€? were low. These were referred to existence of various alternative frameworks as well as weaknesses on planning, implementation and self-reflection at the three levels of thinking. This study also suggested The Model of Generative-Metacognitive in assisting students to overcome their alternative frameworks and increase their metacognitive strategies at the three levels of thinking. The findings of this research were hoped to highlight the implication as to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning process in science and shed come lights on the formulation of authentic curriculum.

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Available from: Johari Surif, Mar 03, 2014
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