Reconocimiento y evaluación de los recursos naturales de la República Dominicana / Unión Panamericana, Secretaría General, Organización de los Estados Americanos

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"Informe de la misión de asistencia técnica a la República Dominicana llevada a cabo por la Unidad de Recursos Naturales del Departamento de Asuntos Económicos durante el periódo 1965- 1966" Incluye índice v.3: título especial: Descripción de los suelos : apéndicedel informe

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    ABSTRACT: A livescape is an area defined such by the biophysical conditions as by the vision and active intervention of people living within this area and those who have rights and interest on the natural capital. To harmonize the diverse interests on natural capital of territories, the concept of model forests was met in Canadá, 1991. People in the communities of Zambrana Abajo, Colinas Bajas Model Forest have developed an experience which has empowered rural families to lead their development process, face the poverty through agroforestry and timber production, and motivate changes in a restrictive forest policy. This research had the aim to identify the factors of success and learned lessons during the experience, as a base to direct the companionship to development in communities of the model forest. The study was conducted in the municipal district of Zambrana Abajo and communities of Bayaguana. The Community Capitals Framework (CCF) and Sustainable Livelihood Approach (SLA) were used to understand the process. The data collection was held through different qualitative methods (semi-structured interviews, participant observation, focus groups and analysis of secondary information. It was found that strengthening the human capital, by training the Agroforestry Promoters, directed positively the experience of Zambrana Abajo towards a spiralling-up of endogenous development. The introduction of A. mangium has determined the rise of new livelihoods related with the production and use of this species. The level of knowledge about the possibilities represented by the inclusion of agroforestry systems in the livelihood strategies of families influenced the decision making towards the innovation with this type of systems.
    Full-text · Thesis · Nov 2011