Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online (Impact Factor: 0.35). 06/2010; DOI: 10.1107/S1600536810015850/pk2242Isup2.hkl
Source: DOAJ


In the title molecule, C8H9N3O3S, the thiosemicarbazide =N—NH—C(=S)—NH— fragment is twist a different degree of twist in the three independent molecules [dihedral angles = 7.6 (1), 11.6 (1) and 20.7 (1)°]. Intramolecular O—H...N and O—H...O hydrogen bonds occur. In the crystal, the hydroxy and amino groups are hydrogen-bond donors and the O—H...O, O—H...S and N—H...O hydrogen bonds generate a layer motif.

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