Kompetensi dan Kurikulum Perpustakaan: Paradigma Baru dan Dunia Kerja di Era Globalisasi Informasi

Pustaha 01/2006;
Source: DOAJ


Competency is general descriptions of the abilities necessary to perform successfully in areas specified. Competency profiles synthesise skill, knowledge, attributes and values and express performance requirements in behavioral terms. This paper attempts to identify the competencies needed by librarians in the information globalization age. The development of information and communications technology (ICT) and new paradigm has produce opportunities and challenges. As ICT new paradigm enables organization to increase their horizon, globalization has emerged as a major concern for many chief executives. Globalization also means that the effect of change in trading condition (regulation, economic downturn, changes in government). At is simplest a competency is the mix of skills, experience and behaviour that allow an individual to excute their work successfully. It is relationship to other discipline, the information profession and librarians, the possibilities to implement its concept higher education libraries in working environment. It is also identified various types of competency created in higher education curriculum libraries.

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