Design a wireless sensor network for methane monitoring system

Conference Paper · August 2008with23 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/INDIN.2008.4618174 · Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: Industrial Informatics, 2008. INDIN 2008. 6th IEEE International Conference on

Automatic calibration technologies were useful at reducing the impacts of methane sensorpsilas stability that led to shortcomings of traditional gas detector, such as frequent recalibration, high maintenance cost, and high false alarm rate. This paper described a mini intelligent methane sensor to be used as a sensing node to form a real-time methane monitoring network based on nRF240. Moreover, a novel auto-calibration method is proposed to achieve the maintenance-free operation using the sensor network and achieved the auto diagnosis, and automatic dynamic correction of sensor nonlinear characteristic. This paper introduced the principle of the method, the hardware and software of the composing module. The network connectivity can be used not only for methane data collection but also for the calibration and diagnosis of the sensors through data processing of the nearby sensing node, which provided the effective supporting for automatic calibration of the single intelligent methane detector. An intelligent methane sensor system equipped with the network connectivity can perform the calibration autonomously in the field, and there is no need to prepare standard gases for each system as in the conventional calibration.