El sistema de albañilería integral AllWall con BHH/BLOC+

Informes de la Construcción (Impact Factor: 0.27). 01/2005; 57. DOI: 10.3989/ic.2005.v57.i495.453
Source: DOAJ


A new construction theory is discussed, based on the erection of masonry walls that can be reinforced in all three spatial dimensions, regardless of the material employed and using plain mortar instead of concrete.The AllWall integral masonry system is especially designed to facilitate the mason’s work and lower labour costs, while controlling wall cracking and broadening the scope of application of masonry technique.NORMABLOC, the Spanish association of concrete manufacturers, is encouraging the use of the AllWall building system with its new concrete block, BLOC+.Se desarrolla a continuación, una nueva técnica constructiva para levantar muros de fábrica armados en las 3 direcciones del espacio, cualquiera que sea el material empleado y utilizando sólo mortero en lugar de hormigón.El Sistema de Albañilería Integral AllWall, está especialmente ideado para facilitar la ejecución por parte del albañil, y economizar mano de obra, al tiempo que controla la fisuración de la fábrica e incrementa las aplicaciones técnicas de las fábricas.La Asociación de Fabricantes de Hormigón española, NORMABLOC, está potenciando el sistema constructivo AllWall, con su nuevo bloque de hormigón BLOC+.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper studies the structural performance of various traditional brace solutions for walls in soil based construction comparing systems used in Spain with the most representative from Peru, Chile, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba and others. A unique model for similar loads, seeing the differences to be analyzed, compared and later used in new construction (sustainable and low cost architecture) and rehabilitation. It covers both the ineffectiveness of certain braces (Buttresses and increased inside corners); increments with wooden beams embedded and Tiranta aspada, and the significant improvements of others, such as ring beams, ashlars or reeds lattice to prevent the collapse of the soil based constructions against the horizontal forces of wind and earthquakes.
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