Translational Medicine Policy Issues in Infectious Disease

European Academies Science Advisory Council, The Royal Society, London SW1Y 5AG, UK.
Science translational medicine (Impact Factor: 15.84). 01/2010; 2(14):14cm2. DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3000375
Source: PubMed


The European Academies Science Advisory Council has published a series of reports on infectious disease policy issues, analyzing priorities for building the science base as part of public health strategy. Among current challenges facing the European Union are the needs to tackle antibiotic resistance, promote vaccine innovation, prepare for the emergence of novel zoonoses, and integrate research approaches to human and animal health. The scientific community must help public policy-makers to address the organization, balance, and sustainability of research funding and infrastructure; encourage the creation of a more supportive regulatory environment for translational medicine; and evaluate new models for public-private partnership to facilitate innovation.

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