Plaque control, a key element of successful orthodontics

Articleinl Orthodontie Française 81(1):33-9 · March 2010with4 Reads
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    It is mainly because of periodontal tissues and, more particularly, the periodontal ligament that the orthodontist is able to move teeth. According the ratio cost/benefit/security, the orthodontist needs to prevent and/or to avoid the deleterious effects of its treatments on periodontal tissues. Gingival inflammation with a high hyperplasia compound, periodontal attachment loss, bone loss and root resorption may result, in absolute value, in a reduction of periodontal support. The key to prevent these problems is plaque control, phase too often neglected. The challenge before any orthodontic treatment, both in children or in adults, is to change the behavior of the patient concerning the mouth and the dental plaque. The aim of this paper is to explore the evidence based literature (systematic revues, meta-analysis), to provide thought elements and concrete proposals to definitely resolve this critical phase of orthodontic treatment that is the motivation, phase that can also be achieved by "dental auxiliaries".