New Mathematic Vision on Hazard Games

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Source: OAI


    "In this article we want to show a curious fact that comes to prove, one more time, that the mathematic is the great tool of the natural laws. The drawings of numbers, in any modality of games of bad luck, they are not, as we thought until here, random occurrences. This discovery will go to revolutionize the concept of the probability as we will show soon below. "When we analyze, for example, the Lottery of Mega Sena of the Federal Government in Brazil that chooses 6 numbers among sixty, we have in mind full bad luck. But, it is not anything of this; the drafted numbers have life, individuality, personality. In the sets, when in rest, they again become `inert', as if they hibernate; when touched, they 'wake up,' with all its qualities. This mathematical discovery makes us stop to think. Qualities are independent of the day or the hour where the drawings occur; they are always there, kept and, if they reveal when 'awaked.'"