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Compact tree plus algorithms for application-level multicast communications in multihome networks

Dept. of Commun. Network Eng., Okayama Univ., Japan
DOI: 10.1109/ICON.2005.1635456 Conference: Networks, 2005. Jointly held with the 2005 IEEE 7th Malaysia International Conference on Communication., 2005 13th IEEE International Conference on, Volume: 1
Source: IEEE Xplore


Application-level multicast (ALM) communications replicate packets on host level to deliver them from a single source to multiple clients, so that it can efficiently realize a variety of network applications using moving pictures such as video conferences, distance learning, and video-on-demands. In this paper, we propose the CT+ (compact tree plus) algorithm for finding a better ALM routing tree in terms of delay minimization between hosts. CT+ consists of a tree construction stage from the existing CT algorithm, and a newly added iterative tree improvement stage. Then, we define the extended ALM routing problem and its heuristic algorithm ExCT+, to optimize the effectiveness of the multihome network in ALM communications by selecting multihomed hosts and connections in the ALM routing tree simultaneously. For their evaluations, we construct a network simulation model named MINET (multiple-ISP network simulator), where the topology is composed of multiple ISP backbone networks with IX connections, and the network traffic is generated by following the M/M/1 queuing process. The simulation results using MINET verify the effectiveness of our algorithms.

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Available from: Teruo Higashino, Nov 25, 2014