Teori Realisme Politik Hans J. Morgenthau Dalam Studi Politik Dan Hubungan Internasional

Source: OAI


adk-jan2006-7 This study is made according to the research result about International Political Realism Theory by Hans J. Morgenthau. The main purpose of this research is to analyze deeply the theory by identifying that theory and from the identification step, then it is made the assessment as the validity test of the realism theory either in factual or in conceptual aspects. This research used the descriptive method of which the data sources are from the articles and books written by Hans J. Morgenthau. It is concluded that Hans J. Morgenthau’s idea about the International Political Realism Theory is the explanation for the analysis to whom that will be the actor? In the international politic stage, how is the interaction among the actors . And it is a method to solve the problem, how are the international phenomena described, explained into the causality analysis systematically.