Conference Paper

RF modulation of a 3 mA beam current from a carbon nanotube cathode

Thales Res. & Technol., France
DOI: 10.1109/IVNC.2005.1619467 Conference: Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference, 2005. IVNC 2005. Technical Digest of the 18th International
Source: IEEE Xplore


A micro-triode operating at 30 GHz is currently under development. This triode is composed of two 30 GHz re-entrant resonant cavities (input and output, respectively cathode-grid space and anode-grid space) separated by a grounded thin metallic grid. A dc bias between cathode-grid and anode-grid provides a continuous electron beam. The superposition of a 30 GHz electric field created in the input cavity, leads to increase the average grid current, which is indicative of the electron beam modulation.

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