Upaya Pengembangan Usaha Perikanan Darat Dengan Sistem Keramba Untuk Meningkatkan Potensi Daerah ( Studi Kasus : Kecamatan Penguruan, Kabupaten Tobasa )

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980501016 All over the world known Indonesia as a rich country of the physic resources. However the physic resources cannot guarantee that it can give the economic development for the country. The Fisiokrat scientist said the physical resources will giving economic growth if the people in a country had many creativities to use the nature to complete they needs. Besides that , economic growth need labor, money, entrepreneur and technology. In North Sumatera Province, in the middle of Toba Lake there is a small island that caned Samosir Island. In this Island we found Pangururan town. There is 130 fish plantation business that called "keramba apung ", This business which use the side of the lake as the pace of plantation are very potensial economic activities in this area.The development of the fish plantation can be seen by its contribution, that provide rising up income for those people particular for " keramba apung " businessman. Therefore, the writer in this case interested to make research whatever factors possibly could improve the income for the fish plantation in " keramba apung". By this study, the writer then find some significant factors in an effort to develop these fish plantation in " keramba apung ". The factors known as capital and duration time conducting the business. These two factors in fact have a positive relationship on the rising numbers fish plantation in " keramba apung " business H.B. Tarmizi, SE, SU dan Rahmad Sumanjaya, SE