Analisis Faktor – Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Tingkat Suku Bunga Kredit pada Bank– Bank di Sumatera Utara

Source: OAI


010501041 The economics activities of one nation are influenced by using of money. Bank is a financial institute which has strategy function as "a blood" of economics system. Almost sectors need bank service in their economic sactivities. In general, bank is a financial institute which has main activity to muster fund of society. Source of bank fund come from demand deposit, time deposit and saving deposit. Source of bank fund can come from society, governmental and also intuition institute. The other bank activity is to channel fund to society. Demand of credit is very infiuenced by rate of interest credit. Rate of interest credit is a main profit bank so bank decides its rate carefully. Bank has to look on factors which influence bank decision in making rate of interest credit. In this research there are three variable namely third party fund, rate of Certificate Indonesian Bank interest and rate of inflation as independent variable and also rate of interest credit as a dependent variable. Calculation method wearied is method of SPSS, where data obtained to pass record keeping of Bank annual report direct of Indonesian and Statistical Bureau Center counted every year start 1992-2003. Purpose of this research is to know what factors can influence rate of interest credit and how big influence of chance at public banks in North Sumatra. Result of research show in the reality factor influencing most dominant are rate of Indonesian Certificate interest and inflation, while third party fund is not significant. Drs. Sahat. Silaen

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