Habilidades de pensamiento crítico y superior desarrolladas por un grupo de alumnos de carreras de Física universitaria. Resultadosde entrevistas realizadas a sus docentes

Latin-American Journal of Physics Education 01/2010;
Source: DOAJ


This work shows the results obtained from the analysis of in-depth interviews carried on a group of students´ teachersof the Bachelor in Physics and Teaching Training in Physics, in the Faculty of Exact and Natural Science of theNational University of La Pampa, Argentine. The methodology used is a generic case study in which the focus is set inteachers´ opinions about scientific thinking changes produced in students to which, an integrated teaching strategy,based in the practice of higher and critical thinking, was applied in a basic electromagnetism course. It is concludedthat, in these students those skills have been promoted, in all the cognitive dominions as they show this capacity in allthe courses after that in which the strategy was applied.

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