Spreadsheet Simulation of Airline Reservation Policy Using Multimedia Software

International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC) 02/2010; 3(1). DOI: 10.3991/ijac.v3i1.1169
Source: DOAJ


A hypothetical business simulation case study using a stand-alone spreadsheet is used to illuminate the rationale of airline overbooking. Because almost everyone has personally encountered the implications of being “bumped,” the selection of this particular case subject is motivated by the belief that half of the problem (or more) of teaching a so-phisticated analytical method is in getting the stu-dent's attention. Airline overbooking, it seems, pre-sents such a case. In order for a student to “drill down” the spreadsheet skills, several multimedia tools, Wimba and Jing, are used to produce web hosted, mp4 video files of a library of short films illustrating each step of the spreadsheet operation.

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