Terapia sistémica de pareja de la depresión: Un estudio de caso único

Apuntes de Psicología, ISSN 0213-3334, Vol. 27, Nº. 2-3, 2009 (Ejemplar dedicado a: Terapia familiar en la práctica clinica y comunitaria), pags. 273-287 01/2009;
Source: OAI


In this case study, the treatment of a woman with the diagnosis of major depression using systemic couple therapy is presented. In this kind of therapy the partner is included in the all the treatment sessions working in a conjoint format. As therapy progresses, the relational meanings of the symptoms are made explicit, some relationship difficulties emerge, and joint work is made to find solutions. This therapy was completed after 11 mostly two-weekly sessions, and the results at the post-therapy assessment showed a substantial decrease in her depressive symptoms (measured with BDI-II) as compared to pre-therapy assessment. Also, in the structured diagnostic post-therapy interview she