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Descripción de una nueva especie de Silvestrichilis de España (Insecta, Apterigota, Microcoryphia)

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... 7th segment of maxillary palp of male and female with 9 or 10, 6th segment with 10, and 5th segment with 5 colorless dentiform setae (Figs. 1,9). Maxillary and labial palps of male and female without long fine setae. ...
... Trigoniophthalmus lermontovi sp. n. (1,4,6,8,9,11) and T. borgustani sp. n. (2,3,5,7,10,12): (1, 2) eyes and paired ocelli; (3, 4) labial palpus; (5, 6) cutting margin of mandible; (7, 8) maxillary palpus; (9, 10) fore leg; (11) apex of cercus; (12) chain of apical part of antennal flagellum [ (3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12) holotypes, males; (1) paratype, female of second year; (2) paratype, male of first year]. ...
Four new species (Trigoniophthalmus lermontovi sp. n., T. borgustani sp. n., Allopsontus borgustani sp. n., Silvestrichilis caucasica sp. n.) and the new subgenus Anisoptinus subgen. n. of the genus Allopsontus are described from the Caucasus; three new species (Allopsontus tekelensis sp. n., A. verae sp. n., A. saryozeki sp. n.) are described from Southeastern Kazakhstan. A key to the 16 described species of the genus Silvestrichilis is given.
Review of the six genera of the Silvestrichilis group (Dilta Strand, Haslundiella Janetschek, Silvestrichilis Wygodzinsky, Silvestrichiloides Mendes, Haslundichilis Wygodzinsky, and Himalayachilis Wygodzinsky) and of the 17 species of the southern Palaearctic genus Silvestrichilis was performed for the first time with a discussion of their phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary trends based on comparative analysis of the geographic distribution of the species and of the distribution of plesiomorphic and apomorphic states of their main morphological features. Haslundichilis quadrii Wygodzinsky, 1952 from northwestern India and H. lindbergi Wygodzinsky, 1962 from western Afghanistan are transferred to the genus Haslundiella, and new combinations Haslundiella quadrii (Wygodzinsky, 1952), comb. n. and Haslundiella lindbergi (Wygodzinsky, 1962), comb. n. are established. A new species, Silvestrichilis polinaesp. n., differs from all the congeners in the strongly dilated fore femur of the male and female, in the maxillary palpus chaetotaxy, and in the structure of the sensory field on the fore femur of the male.
Types of some of the Silvestri's species of Machilidae (Microcoryphia) described in 1906 and in 1907, deposited in the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, in Paris, are studied in detail; notes are added to the original descriptions or the species are redescribed. Machilis bouvieri, from Tonkin, only known by the female, is considered to fit in Pedetontus (Verhoeffilis); Machilis perrieri from Congo, previously considered as probably belonging to Janetschekilis, is confirmed in this Afrotropical genus; Praemachilis confucius is redescribed as the easternmost known species of Silvestrichilis; and Praemachilis longistylis, from China like the preceding taxon, is also redescribed as one more species of the eastern Palaearctic Allopsontus (Kaplinilis); the female remains unknown in this last species and, so, its subgeneric position is discussed on the base of the male only.
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