Conference Paper

Recent advances in PLC functional devices

NTT Photonics Labs., Ibaraki
DOI: 10.1109/LEOSST.2001.941949 Conference: Advanced Semiconductor Lasers and Applications/Ultraviolet and Blue Lasers and Their Applications/Ultralong Haul DWDM Transmission and Networking/WDM Components, 2001 Digest of the LEOS Summer Topical Meetings
Source: IEEE Xplore


Summary form only given. To achieve much larger capacity in point-to-point wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmissions, we must increase their bit rate per wavelength as well as their channel number. Optical networks are continuing to adopt rings and packet-switched systems. These advanced optical systems require highly functional optical devices to exceed the electrical speed limit. I describe recent advances in planar lightwave circuit (PLC) based functional devices, such as dispersion equalizers, large-scale arrayed-waveguide gratings (AWGs), and optical signal processing devices

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