Conference Paper

Turbulence analogy in normal sinus rhythm of healthy humans

Ryerson Polytech. Univ., Toronto, Ont.
DOI: 10.1109/CIC.2000.898455 Conference: Computers in Cardiology 2000
Source: IEEE Xplore


The complex dynamics of the autonomic nervous system manifests in
the random fluctuation of the sinus rhythm. Recent results on multiple
scaling and multifractal in HRV indicate intricate details beyond the
second order statistics (such as the power spectrum) of the interbeat
interval data (RRi). In this work, the notions of structure function and
cascade from fully developed turbulence (FDT) are used to examine and
model the scaling property of the long-term, daytime, RRi fluctuation
from healthy humans. Our conclusions are the qualitative as well as
quantitative similarities between the statistics of daytime RRi and the
velocity increment in FDT and the possibility to model such similarities
by using a cascade generating mechanism

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