Modeling and nonlinear control of shunt active power filter in the synchronous reference frame

Conference Paper · February 2000with43 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/ICHQP.2000.896994 · Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: Harmonics and Quality of Power, 2000. Proceedings. Ninth International Conference on, Volume: 1


    This paper presents a modeling and a nonlinear control of
    three-phase voltage source shunt active filter. The modeling is based on
    the abc/dq transformation of the AC system variables. The currents
    injected by the active filter are controlled in the synchronous
    orthogonal dq frame using a decoupled nonlinear control strategy. The
    reference harmonic components are extracted from the sensed nonlinear
    load currents by applying the synchronous reference frame method, where
    a three-phase thyristor bridge rectifier with R-L load is taken as the
    nonlinear load. The voltage level of the DC side is regulated using a
    linearizing feedback control. The reference current needed to maintain a
    regulated DC voltage is added to the current loop reference. The
    transfer functions of the two loops are developed and synthesized to
    obtain the desired stability and dynamic response. Simulation results
    confirm the performances considered theoretically for the shunt active
    filter topology