Conference Paper

Variable structure model following control of active four-wheel-steering vehicle based on the optimal reference model

Sch. of Mech. Eng., Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.
DOI: 10.1109/IVEC.1999.830678 Conference: Vehicle Electronics Conference, 1999. (IVEC '99) Proceedings of the IEEE International
Source: IEEE Xplore


The optimal control laws of 4WS during single lane-change are
studied using the driver model of the preview follower method based on a
certain vehicle model. The actual vehicle models are considered as
uncertain systems. The cornering stiffness of the front and rear wheels
and outer disturbance vary over a limited range. An adaptative
model-following variable structure control method is used for
controlling the steering of front and rear wheels of the actual vehicle,
so that the steering characteristics of an uncertain vehicle model can
follow the characteristics of a reference model. Simulation results have
demonstrated that the control system can overcome the drawbacks of
parameter perturbations and outer disturbances

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