Conference Paper

First and second order sliding mode stabilizing controller for a perturbed regular form

Ecole Centrale de Lille, CNRS, Villeneuve-d'Ascq
DOI: 10.1109/CDC.1999.833211 Conference: Decision and Control, 1999. Proceedings of the 38th IEEE Conference on, Volume: 5
Source: IEEE Xplore


Deals with the perturbation effects on the generalized regular
form and its stabilization using first and second order sliding mode
controllers. First, it is shown that if the perturbation belongs to a
particular geometric distribution then it only appears in the
“controlled” part of the generalized regular form. The
classical matching condition obtained by Drazenovic (1969) can be
recovered by this result. The last part is devoted to the stabilization
problem in presence of perturbations with known bounds: a first and a
second order SMC are proposed

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