Flat multi-scalable coding for failure-free video transmission

Conference Paper · February 1999
DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.1999.817081 · Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: Image Processing, 1999. ICIP 99. Proceedings. 1999 International Conference on, Volume: 3


    The conventional full-redundant duplicate transmission scheme,
    which is often adopted in video transmission that requires high
    reliability such as contribution and primary distribution, has a
    drawback in that the efficiency of utilization of transmission links is
    low. In order to improve this, it would be effective to realize
    “flat multi-scalable video transmission”, in which the
    picture can be reconstructed by using any single channel, while
    combining more than one channel leads to the reconstruction of the
    picture with even higher quality. In this paper, for this purpose, the
    authors propose a “complementary sampling method”. In this
    method, the improvement in picture quality is achieved by cancelling out
    the coding noise which is included in more than one channel. Moreover,
    it is shown that in this scheme, the objective assessment of picture
    quality can be performed based only on the received pictures. The
    authors hope that this study will help to construct a visual
    communication system with high efficiency and high reliability