La conceptualización de casos clínicos desde la psicología analítica funcional

Papeles del psicólogo: revista del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos, ISSN 0214-7823, Vol. 30, Nº. 3, 2009 (Ejemplar dedicado a: Ética profesional y deontología), pags. 255-264
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Functional Analytic Psychotherapy makes up part of what has been named third generation behavioural therapy. It underlines the contingencies which occur in the context of therapy, in natural reinforcement and shaping. A form of conceptualizing clinical cases is proposed which helps the therapist to focus on the objectives and problems of the patient. It includes: problems present in everyday life, any relevant background, problems that arise during the session, cognitive concepts, and objectives in everyday life together with objectives of the session. Three clinical cases of personality disorders are presented: one "borderline personality disorder", another case of "unstable self", and a "schizotypal personality disorder". Conceptualization schemes are described for each case, together with behaviour that is clinically relevant and the objectives to be achieved both in clinical sessions and in everyday life. La Psicoterapia Analítica Funcional forma parte de lo que se ha denominado la terapia de conducta de tercera generación. Pone énfasis en las contingencias que ocurren en el propio contexto terapéutico, en el reforzamiento natural y en el moldeamiento. Se propone una forma de conceptualizar los casos clínicos que ayudan al terapeuta a centrarse en los objetivos y problemas del cliente. Incluye los problemas de la vida diaria, la historia relevante, los problemas durante la sesión, los conceptos cognitivos, los objetivos en la vida diaria y los objetivos en la sesión. Se exponen 3 ejemplos de casos clínicos de trastornos de personalidad: un "trastorno límite de personalidad", otro con un "yo inestable", y un "trastorno personalidad esquizotípico". Se describen los esquemas de conceptualización de cada caso, las conductas clínicamente relevantes, y los objetivos a conseguir en la sesión y en la vida diaria.

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    ABSTRACT: Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) has been making an important rise in Ibero-America in recent years. This paper presents a review of different contributions, problems and some proposals Three principal topics are reviewed: (a) general characteristics and theoretical bases of FAP, (b) the uses of FAP and its relationship with other therapies, and (c) FAP´s empirical research. A number of major papers were found on the first and second topic, but there were few articles related to the third theme. In general, authors in Ibero-America emphasize epistemological and conceptual aspects of FAP and its relationship with other interventions from Third Wave Behavior Therapies, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). With regard to the third topic, FAP is an effective therapeutic perspective, but it is important to increase the research in this area
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