Poly[[aqua(μ-4,4′-bipyridine-κ2N:N′)(μ3-2-nitro-5-sulfonatobenzoato-κ3O1:O1′:O5)copper(II)] 4,4′-bipyridine hemisolvate]

Acta Crystallographica Section E 01/2009;
Source: DOAJ


In the title compound, [Cu(C7H3NO7S)(C10H8N2)(H2O)]·0.5C10H8N2, the CuII atom is six-coordinated by two N atoms from two different bipyridine (bipy) ligands, one sulfonate O atom and two carboxylate O atoms from three 2-nitro-5-sulfonatobenzoate ligands and one water O atom in a distorted octahedral geometry. The bipy solvent molecule lies on an inversion center. The CuII atoms are linked by the bipy ligands, forming one-dimensional chains, which are connected by the 2-nitro-5-sulfonatobenzoate ligands into a two-dimensional layer-like network. The two-dimensional structure is extended by O—H...O and O—H...N hydrogen bonds into a three-dimensional supramolecular network.

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