[Resection of frontal ethmoid sinus osteomas with nasal endoscopy].

ArticleinLin chuang er bi yan hou ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology 23(14):628-30 · July 2009with6 Reads
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    To evaluate the effect of resection of frontal ethmoid sinus osteomas with nasal endoscopy.
    Eighteen cases of frontal ethmoid sinus osteoma from 2005 to 2008 were enrolled in our study, including 8 cases of frontal sinus osteomas, 6 cases of ethmoid osteomas and 4 cases of frontal sinus osteomas extending to ethmoid sinus. Seventeen cases were treated by an endoscopic approach alone, and one case treated by a combined endoscopic and an external approach.
    All cases were resected completely without complications. The preoperative symptoms disappeared without recurrence within the follow-up periods, ranging from 6 months to 3 years.
    Most frontal ethmoid sinus osteomas can be resected with nasal endoscopy aided by extra nasal incision in some cases.