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Further study on joint estimation of multiple access interferencein DS-CDMA systems

Xian Jiaotong Univ., Xian
DOI: 10.1109/ICCT.1998.740957 Conference: Communication Technology Proceedings, 1998. ICCT '98. 1998 International Conference on, Volume: vol.2
Source: IEEE Xplore


To further extend the results of Feng Li et al. in which we proposed a joint estimation algorithm, this paper shows that the parameters and multiple access interference (MAI) estimated by the algorithm approaches to the true value as the length of the information sequence expands. With the algorithm, the estimation of MAI produced by the users of strong power is more accurate, thus their MAIs to the users of weak power can be effectively cancelled, making the bit error rate (BER) decrease. As a consequence, the joint estimation algorithm achieves a better near-far resistance capacity and outperforms the conventional single-user detector

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