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MOOCs, Learning Analytics and OER - why we need it for the future of higher education!



Keynote presentation @ ICITEP 2023, Malang, Indonesia
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Massive open online course (MOOC) platforms within the so-called xMOOC framework typically host quizzes, sometimes as part of the course assessment. Within our contribution we look at and describe quizzes and their results as a feedback for learners. Additionally, we describe current research on quizzes in MOOCs, especially from a learning analytics perspective. Building upon this, we explore data from a single MOOC (N = 1,484) from the Austrian MOOC platform where quizzes are used for final assessment but can be repeated up to five times within the course. The analysis of quiz activities shows a moderate correlation (r = 0,2765, N = 957) of the very first attempt with the final MOOC success.