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Interpreting SDSS extragalactic data in the era of JWST



A Paradigm Shift in Cosmology – We present empirical evidence from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), including statistically-significant, independent measurements of galaxy theta-z, redshift-magnitude, and redshift-population. These corroborating data sets are clearly inconsistent with the optimal ΛCDM standard model of Big Bang cosmology, exacerbating the Hubble constant tension; the σ8 (clustering parameter) discrepancy; the lensing anomaly; the large-angular-scale anomalies in CMB temperature and polarization; and other anomalies that now confront cosmologists. A set of predictive equations are put forward that are consistent with de Sitter's exact solution of the Einstein field equations; this new predictive "temporal geometry" model, which requires vetting by the mathematical physics and cosmology communities, is consistent with the SDSS data and relieves the unexpected new tensions in cosmology created by initial and ongoing JWST observations.
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