Conference Paper

Trellis-coded 16-QAM with base station antenna switching in slow Rayleigh fading channel

Radio Signal Process. Sect., Electron. & Telecommun. Res. Inst., Taejon
DOI: 10.1109/APCAS.1996.569254 Conference: Circuits and Systems, 1996., IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on
Source: IEEE Xplore


The existing coders used in the fading channels are designed under
the assumption that the ideal interleaver, which removes the fading
correlation of the channel, is used. With the non-ideal interleaver of
finite size, however, the performance of the coded modulation system
degrades rapidly when the fading is very slow. So author propose a
scheme to get interleaving effects by switching base station antennas in
a forward link, without additional software or hardware in small
handset. We derive the theoretical upper bound on the pairwise error
probability and do computer simulations for BER performance. The results
show significant performance improvement in the slow fading and at least
no deterioration in the fast fading over the existing systems

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