Regenerative rotary displacer Stirling engine

Conference Paper · September 1996with107 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/IECEC.1996.553895 · Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, 1996. IECEC 96. Proceedings of the 31st Intersociety, Volume: 2


    A few rotary displacer Stirling engines whose displacers have one
    gas pocket space at one side, and rotate in a main enclosed cylinder,
    which is heated from one side and cooled from the opposite side without
    any regenerator have been tried and studied for a considerable time by
    the authors. They then tried to improve this engine by equipping them
    with regenerators, because without regenerators, pressure oscillation
    and efficiency are insufficient. Here, several types of regenerative
    rotary displacer piston Stirling engines are proposed. One is the
    contra-rotating tandem two disc-type displacer engine, using axial heat
    conduction through side walls or by heat pipes and the other are single
    disc-types with circulating fluid regenerators or heat pipes. A
    contra-rotating type engine has been manufactured and experimented upon
    in order to assess the effect of the regenerators. Here, experimental
    results of an original rotary displacer Stirling engine without a
    regenerator and a contra-rotating tandem displacer engine with a side
    wall regenerator using axial heat conduction are reported, accompanied
    by many discussions