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TELEONAUTICS SOCIETY (extended version) The Project by Yury Tikhonravov

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Presentation (extended version) of the idea of a think tank division dedicated to the search for new meanings in life.
The Project by Yury Tikhonravov
Philosophers and psychologists pick out from five to twenty known human life ends
[reasons to live, final goals, final goods, final values] that cannot be reduced to one
All existing lists of final values somehow reflect a single list. Each item proposed by this
or that author is an aspect, a step, a shade of some real final value [see my Thoughts
on the List Theory].
The goal of the Teleonautics Society is to expand this list, to seek new goals [ends,
The answer to this question depends on what your final value is.
Each final value is a peculiar angle, a peculiar perspective; it is peculiar sensations,
peculiar types of relationships, peculiar social institutions, peculiar styles of art, peculiar
images and plots, peculiar deities, peculiar strategies and life scenarios, peculiar music,
peculiar worldviews, peculiar dimensions of being. It's a whole world.
The more final values we know, the richer our culture is, the freer we are and the more
expanded (more flexible, sophisticated, etc.) our consciousness is.
If you have no final value, your life has no direction, you don't know if you are losing or
gaining anything.
If your final value is pleasure, then discovering new final values is the pleasure of
seeking new, unknown pleasures, because each final value constitutes its own special
way of satisfaction, unlike the others.
If your final value is control, power, then to discover new goals means to be a supreme
trendsetter and lawgiver, because to be at the origin of final values means to reign over
the hearts and minds.
If your final value is health, life extension, then discovering new goals is discovering
new reasons to live more and more, and the meaninglessness of life is the source of
many diseases.
If your final value is knowledge, then with each new final goal, whole worlds open up.
If your final value is the worship of the one God and no one else, then it is important that
you choose who to worship freely, and not forced, under the influence of any pressure. A
truly free choice is a choice from an infinite or indefinite number of possibilities.
If your final value is helping others, then to give your neighbor a purpose in life is to help
him the most.
If your final value is respect, good fame, then the greatest glory and honor in history has
been given to those who gave people a new final value.
If your final value is adventure, then finding new final goals is the most exciting of
Whatever your final value is, it needs other final values as its mirrors, so that the
inspiration you draw from it would never fade. The comparison allows you to look at
your own ideal from a different perspective, to find something in it that previously eluded
you or seemed to be self-evident. Encountering a new ideal always awakens creativity
and often gives birth to new forms. But it is enough just to look at a different ideal to
return to your own with a renewed understanding. Sometimes you need to delve deeply
into another teaching to turn to yours with a new passion, and sometimes you just need
to know that there is something else out there. The more of these mirrors you see, the
more alive your own life stance is.
A person is built in such a way that you always need some new perspective. Otherwise,
all previous meanings are devalued. Even the most radical, breakthrough, defiant,
revolutionary final values eventually become routine, turning into a cultural fossil or a
marginal subculture.
All possible heuristic techniques, role-playing, etc.
Work with the unconscious: psychography, embolalia, aleatorics, automatic painting,
Work with altered states of consciousness, including meditation, visionary art,
participation in various rituals.
Study of the history of religions, mystical teachings, and 'philosophical ways of life.’
Monitoring new ideas in the worldview field.
Various yogic, spiritual, and religious practices.
The Two Parts Structure:
Intellectual Club +
Research Institute
monitors various environments, including religious, artistic, political, academic, and
subcultures, for new ideas and provides the Club with new information [including inviting
bearers of the relevant ideas to Club meetings];
monitors new heuristic methods and practices and provides the club with them;
conducts psychological, neurophysiological, sociological, cultural studies of the Club's
activity and gives feedback to Club members;
summarizes and publishes the results of the Club's activities.
is where dream factory meets philosophy workshop;
consists of intellectual and creative individuals: scholars, thinkers, writers, priests,
poets, musicians, film directors, entrepreneurs, etc., of different backgrounds;
uses all possible heuristic methods and practices;
meets regularly, ideally constantly, while various participants only leave or join the
continuously ongoing session.
New ideas in arts, sciences, business, public life, etc.
Overcoming creative block.
Therapeutic effects for those experiencing a life impasse or existential crisis.
Greatest intellectual adventure ever.
Research interviews with intellectualspotential club membersabout what they think
concerning the subject.
Research interviews with writers who compose fictional religions-about the methods
they use.
Dramatization of the community idea and the creation of a mockumentary series that
tells a thrilling mystical story, but in essence is a presentation of the project: ‘A journalist
is making a documentary about a cult that spawns other cults. In fact, he is looking for
his daughter there. In fact, this is a philosophical club looking for new meanings of life.
In fact, its participants are demons from other worlds who also lack meaning. In fact,
there’s no journalist—he is a tulpa, invented by an orphan girl undergoing initiation. In
fact, everyone was filming themselves.’
Imagine if such a society already
Would you miss the chance to
take part in it?
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