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  • Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper provides information about the XXIX Coastal Conference, held in Kaliningrad in April 2022. The thematic directions of reports, round tables are reflected, statistical data are given on the number of speeches (232), on participating organizations (38) and cities (13). Additional events held within the framework of the conference (sessions, lectures, competitions, excursions) are described. The text is accompanied by illustrative materials – color photographs of participants taken directly during the conference. The decision of the conference notes that the practical development of new sections of the coasts, the construction of modern infrastructure facilities and the existing natural trends lead to increased coastal erosion in almost all coastal regions of Russia; that there is an urgent need to apply unified observation methods, division of work into research and monitoring and an interdisciplinary approach to jointly take into account physical, chemical and biological aspects (especially for coastal waters with limited or periodic connection with the marine area), that pollution by anthropogenic debris continues to grow, while the pollution pattern is extremely heterogeneous, and information on pollution by anthropogenic debris and microplastics of the marine environment and coasts of the Russian Federation is extremely fragmented. The conference recommends the introduction of amendments and additions to the federal and regional legislation on the regulation of the activities of nature users in the coastal zone, as well as the inventory of the natural resource potential of coastal territories and adjacent water areas with the compilation of a Coastal Registry for coastal ecosocio-economic systems of the Russian Federation. The participants highly appreciated the existing experience and results of coastal protection activities in the Kaliningrad Oblast, and also emphasized the lack of attention of the coastal community to the problems of inland waters (for example, the shores of Lake Baikal). Proposals on the venues of the conference in 2024 (Moscow) and 2026 (Lake Baikal) were announced.
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2022: All-Russian conference with international participation "XXIX Coastal conference: field -based and theoretical research in shore use practice
  • G G Gogoberidze
  • E A Rumiantseva
  • N V Dvoeglazova
  • E M Burnashov
  • E D Krasnova
  • S V Patsaeva
  • Yu Yu
  • I P Polunina
  • E E Chubarenko
  • A A Esiukova
  • V A Rybchenko
  • E G Pellinen
  • A V Kropinova
  • D A Belova
  • Domnin
Submitted 08.10.2022, accepted 08.11.2022. For citation: Chubarenko, B. V., G. G. Gogoberidze, E. A. Rumiantseva, N. V. Dvoeglazova, E. M. Burnashov, E. D. Krasnova, S. V. Patsaeva, Yu. Yu. Polunina, I. P. Chubarenko, E. E. Esiukova, A. A. Rybchenko, V. A. Pellinen, E. G. Kropinova, A. V. Belova, and D. A. Domnin. 2022: All-Russian conference with international participation "XXIX Coastal conference: field -based and theoretical research in shore use practice". Journal of oceanological research, 50 (3), 172-184,