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Clinical Trials Based Systemic Review on the Effect of Hijama Bila Shart (Dry Cupping) in Pain Management

  • IIM, University of Colombo


Backgroud: Hijama Bila Shart(HBS) a regimen used in Unani system of medicine for various indication, out of such one is alleviating pain of various origin. Several clinical trials evaluated and also validated HBS effect as good pain reliver. Therefore, all such published studies are reviewed systematically. Method: Clinical studies of HBS (Dry Cupping) in alleviating pain was searched from the electronic data base and printed version of journals available at NIUM library. Result: a total of 8 clinical studies published between 2005 - 2013 were identified i9n various journals includes 4 observational, 3 RCTs and 1 cross sectional. Conclusion: As per the results the quality and quantity of studies on HBS in Unani medicine is improved during the past one decade in India. These studies evidence HBS potential effect in alleviating pain associated with joints like back ache, knee pain, sciatica and gynaecological condition(primary dysmenorrhea) with certain limitation. Key words: Hijamat Bila Shart, dry cupping, Unani medicine, pain management.
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