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Task 9.1.1 : Biomechanical Simulation of Dung beetles flight



In 2012-2015, all activities related to my project had been permitted in France by the long residency permit "Skill and Talent" Then having made the first invention, I moved toward unconsciously to the National Library of France. so, at the underground library facility for researchers, I found a microfilm of an essay written by Abraham-Louis Breguet being the key to clarify the mystery of my inventions. The following year, at the cafe near the Pompidou Center, I invented the first formula when I watched two water glasses roll. The next day, in the Latin Quarter, I found a monograph on the trajectory of insect wings by Étienne-Jules Marey which demonstrated the structural relevance of the formula. Thanks to this wealth, I was able to invent the mechanism of insect wings without any difficulty.
Work Plan 9. Biomechanical simulation of divine flight
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Task 9.1.1 (8 octobre 2022)
In connection with the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, I will tell you the story of the old wise man
who built the foundation of the Commonwealth of Nations.
John Dee, an Anglowelsh neoplatnist and mathematician who owned the largest collection of
books in Britain, was a "Magus" who fought for the sake of the English Renaissance while
getting the favor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I.
John Dee studied magical Hermeticism in order to catch love and integrity, against a smug and
brutal struggle over the differences in ideas repeated in western spiritual history. And also he
traveled to Netherlands, where he met the famous cartographer Gerald Mercator and others,
and studied mechanics and geography, which were not yet available in England at the time.
In the middle of the 16th century, John Dee produced "Peace" an Athenian Old Comedy written
by the Greek playwright Aristophanes. So, he made a mechanical scarab and created a scene
in which the scarab carrying ration and a person and flies to Zeus's palace. That was the first
time that a witty machine appeared on the British stage. It was an attempt to imitate classical
theatrical effects.
Centuries before Ian Fleming would write James Bond into existence, another man signed
letters with "007." That was John Dee.
Biomechanical simulation of Human Running data download
1. Download & Install Blender from here.
2. Download the movement modeling data
1. Integrated movement 331-332+911
1. Select a movement
2. Click the button "Run Script"
3. Hit the spacebar = Simulation
1. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Link" checkbox in the collection.
2. Clicking the mouse clears the "Link" checkbox for the collection.
3. Real-time simulation is possible.
The formula
Combinatorial optimization
獨見,適若昏,昭然獨明,若風吹雲,故曰神。三部九候為之原,九鍼之論,不必存也。》- 黃帝
素問 正神明論
Using the talent of Kinesthetic Synesthesia, On the midway between philosophy, physics
and physiology, Yutaka Sawai (Varipon) offers mathematical equations or letter sequences
called the will of the universe which exercises the agent of the movement, the soul of the
Fundamental theorem :
Formula :
Infinite applications : ,
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