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Igor I. Bikeev & Pavel A. Kabanov, 2022. "Legal Regulation of Training Platforms," Springer Books, in: Maxim I. Inozemtsev & Elina L. Sidorenko & Zarina I. Khisamova (ed.), The Platform Economy, pages 175-185, Springer.



This article is devoted to the study of the EdTech sphere: in particular, issues of legal regulation at the state and interstate level. In the course of the study, the authors analyzed the digital platform market in detail, identified the main trends, and gave characteristics and classification of digital educational platforms. The authors determined that the trend toward the “digital platformization” of education will continue to strengthen, and will become decisive in the near future. The active expansion of the role of digital platforms in the educational sphere leads to a number of risks that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The authors list these problematic aspects, having conducted a detailed analysis of the legislation to search for existing risks. To date, the issues of the legal regulation of the status and main problems in the activities of digital platforms are dealt with by both international organizations (OECD, UNESCO) and national supervisory authorities in the field of education, as well as the expert community.
The Platform Economy
The Rise of Digital Platforms and Their Legal Regulation
in ESG Perspective 3
Sergey Yu. Kashkin
Factors of Development and Success of Digital Platforms 19
Anna V. Shashkova and Alexey O. Solovtsov
Evolution of Digital Platforms to Ecosystems: Is
the Digital Paradox Real? 37
Julia A. Kovalchuk, Igor M. Stepnov, and Tamara Petrovic
Digital Platforms: A Challenge for States? 49
Margarita Robles-Carrillo
Digital Platforms: User Status 63
Elina L. Sidorenko and Pierre von Arx
Definition of “Digital Platforms” 77
Elina L. Sidorenko
Employment Status of Digital Platform Workers 93
Elina L. Sidorenko and Maxim I. Inozemtsev
Online Services Platforms: Household Sector Digitalization
and Peer-To-Peer Transactions in the Russian Economy 109
Marina D. Simonova and Geng Yuan
Regulating the Platform Economy
Digital Platforms for Cross-Border Settlement of CBDC 131
Maxim I. Inozemtsev and Artyom V. Nektov
Legal Regulation of Information and Integration Digital
Platforms 147
Stanislav S. Ageev and Anastasia M. Ageeva
Legal Regulation of Innovation Platforms in Russia 161
Anna V. Shashkova, Alessandr o Cenerelli,
and Ekaterina V. Kudryashova
Legal Regulation of Training Platforms 175
Igor I. Bikeev and Pavel A. Kabanov
Legal Regulation of Social Platforms (Network) 187
Alesya V. Demkina
Digital Platforms and Media-Regulatory Framework 203
Olga A. Ruzakova
Toward Payment-Centric Model of Global Financial
Regulation 215
Vladislav E. Ponamorenko and Gulmira A. Nasyrova
Platform Solutions for the Digital Justice: Models
of Regulation 225
Wilfried Bernhardt and Aliia Sh. Maralbaeva
Solutions to the Threats of Digital Monopolies
Features of Sectoral Regulation in the Economy
of Platforms 243
Natalia G. Doronina, Natalia G. Semilyutina,
and Madina A. Tsirina
Difficult Choice of a Rational Approach to Regulating
the Activities of Digital Platforms 253
Mark L. Entin, Ekaterina A. Torkunova, and Sergey O. Korogod
Sector-Specific Regulation: Policy Proposals 271
Galina S. Panova and Istvan Lengyel
A Regulatory Toolkit for Competition 283
Vladimir S. Osipov and Liu Dun
Antitrust Law on Digital Platforms: Some Remarks
on Innovation and Competition in Digital Platforms
of the European Union 301
Vladislav V. Grib, Daniela Fisichella, and Michal Pietkiewicz
Cost of Exclusion, a New Measure of Platform Dominance 315
Mark L. Entin, Ekaterina G. Entina, and Dmitriy V. Galushko
Platforms and Related Market Competition 331
Maria A. Egorova, Daniela Fisichella, and Olga V. Kozhevina
Cyber Threats Related to Digital Platforms
Addressing Emerging Harm from Scams and Other New
Technologies 349
Zarina I. Khisamova
Data Gathering and the Problem of Data Privacy 365
Maria I. Mironova
Globalization Using Network Effects 379
Vyacheslav V. Sevalnev and Artem M. Tsirin
Digitalizing the Fuel and Energy Complex
in the Post-Soviet Space 391
Rustam A. Kasyanov, Erbol M. Abaydeldinov,
and Daniil K. Chugunov
Implications of Increased Data Collection 419
Zarina I. Khisamova and Ildar R. Begishev
Legal Regulation in the Field of Internet News Using
Artificial Intelligence 435
Elina L. Sidorenko, Pierre von Arx, and Svetlana V. Sheveleva
Index 449
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