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Case reports may help bring up younger thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons as more academic surgeons

General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Cases (2022) 1:1
Case reports may help bring upyounger
thoracic andcardiovascular surgeons asmore
academic surgeons
Yoshiki Sawa1,2*
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At present, most surgical journals only rarely accept a
small number of case reports because such reports sel-
dom contribute to increasing the journal’s impact factor.
However, some number of previous case reports have
contributed greatly to the significant progress of medi-
cal science, especially with regard to our understanding
of surgical indications and technical consideration for
rare cases. Moreover, any surgeon is likely to have expe-
rienced enormously valuable cases with correspond-
ingly amazing discoveries during the course of their daily
practice. When I was a cardiovascular surgery resident,
I experienced the first case of Norwood operation for a
neonate with hypoplastic left ventricular syndrome in
Japan and wrote the first case report of this case making
it a memorable experience where I received an incred-
ible amount of encouragement followed by a high volume
of academic activity and advancement in my career. We
believe that case report journals might play a significant
role as a gateway for younger surgeons to become inter-
ested in training as academic surgeons.
e Japanese Association of oracic Surgery (JATS)
publishes an international journal, General oracic
and Cardiovascular Surgery (GTCS), which encourages
young surgeons to submit interesting or educational case
reports. Now, we have started a new case report jour-
nal called General oracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Cases (GTCC), a sister journal to complement GTCS.
We welcome younger surgeons to submit case reports
to JATS cases, which will be a completely open-access
online journal. I anticipate that our new journal will con-
tribute significantly to the progress of surgery and help
bring up younger academic surgeons, especially in the
fields of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.
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Received: 16 May 2022 Accepted: 7 June 2022
Open Access
General Thoracic and
Cardiovascular Surgery Cases
1Osaka University, Suita, Japan
2 Osaka Police Hospital, Osaka, Japan
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