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'Instructional Designs: Visualizing models through interactive techniques in Higher learning systems' for 'Symposium: Exploring the Frontiers of Data Science, Biomedical Informatics & HCI' - an SoIC, IUPUI Symposium, Indiana Gateway, New Delhi



Visualization has been the basis of not only effective representations, but also effective instructions to channelize and give an interesting structure to information through design. Since time immemorial, visualization techniques have been used in maps, drawings, imagery, data representations as well as the current day information-cum-instruction based models. In the view of above, the present research study presents the analysis how novel interactive visualization techniques could be applied to enhance a good range of learners' activities during the learning process, such as: Brushing, Identification, Linking, Scaling data and imagery-that formed a significant methodology for students who undertook Interactive Visual Design inputs as part of the course 'Instructional Design Process' in the recent new normal times. Interactivity is a welcome solution for complex data stories, providing the ability to identify, isolate, and visualize information for extended periods of time. For the teacher, the process included finding and understanding educational resources, collaboration with learners (students), self-reflection of activities alongwith the learners' progress, and designing learning experiences. The researcher illustrates the students' analysis with examples of the interactive tools and visualization applications. Results of the analysis indicate that the interactive methods of such visualization techniques are increasing the bandwidth of learning, but further research is needed to assess the added value of these approaches in terms of cognition, behaviourism, comprehension, efficacy or other criteria that pertain to higher learning associated with Instructional Visual Design. The insights elaborate the scope of practice-based research inquiries into the multidisciplinary applications that such interactive visualizations.
Visualization! has! been!the! basis! of! not! only! effective! representations,! but! also!
effective! instructions! to! channelize!and! give! an! interesting! structure! to!!
information! through!design.! Since! time! immemorial,! visualization! techniques!
Linking,! Scaling! data! and! imagery! –! that! formed! a! significant! methodology! for!
students! who! undertook! Interactive! Visual! Design! inputs! as! part! of! the! course!
to!identify,! isolate,! and!visualize! information!for! extended! periods!of! time.!! For!
the! teacher,! the! process! included! finding! and! understanding!educational!
resources,! collaboration! with! learners!(students),! self-reflection! of! activities!!
alongwith! the! learners’! progress,! and! designing! learning! experiences.! The!
researcher!illustrates! the! students’!analysis! with! examples! of! the! interactive!
techniques! are! increasing! the! bandwidth! of!learning,! but!further! research! is!
needed! to! assess!the! added! value! of! these! approaches! in! terms! of! cognition,!
behaviourism,! comprehension,! efficacy!or! other! criteria! that! pertain! to!higher!
learning!associated! with! Instructional!Visual! Design.!The! insights!elaborate! the!
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