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Cross-Company Data Exchange with Asset Administration Shells and Distributed Ledger Technology


Abstract and Figures

To overcome boundaries in the cross-company data exchange, a new solution to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for the transfer of data between asset supplier and the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) in a remote repository is proposed in this paper. A short introduction to the AAS and an analysis of DLT in industrial context is given and showing useful properties for industrial usage as well as challenges to solve. The status of the exchange of AASs and possibilities to use DLT in supply chain tracking are described. The new solution combines both concepts by sending data through the distributed ledger from the supplier to the AAS. This is also shown in a proof-of-concept implementation of the solution using IOTA as a DLT and BaSyx as a framework for the AAS. The evaluation and discussion shows challenges and advantages from using the presented approach.
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