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Research Project INFRARES - Newsletter #6 / July 2022
INFRARES Towards resilient transportation infrastructure in a multi-hazard environment
Funding: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI)
Project news
Thorough literature review carried out in the
frame of research project INFRARES
revealed the following:
Most analytical studies focused on the
assessment against ground shaking in
the transverse direction
Most analytical studies employed a visco-
elasto-plastic models with Mohr-Coulomb
yield criterion to simulate ground
response under ground shaking
Most studies used Peak Ground
Acceleration (PGA) at ground surface as
Intensity Measure
Most studies used Engineering Demand
Parameters based on lining forces
What are the selections/assumptions commonly made in numerical studies
on seismic vulnerability assessment of underground structures?
ICOHNIC 2022: The team
members of INFRARES project
attended the 3rd International
Conference on Natural Hazards
& Infrastructure, held in Athens,
Greece, between 5.7.22 and
7.7.22, with two presentations:
Recent advances in
seismic vulnerability
assessment of tunnels and
underground structures” by
Dr. Tsinidis (Link)
“Multi-hazard fragility
assessment of bridges:
Methodology and case
study application” by Dr.
Stefanidou (Link)
Newsletter #6 / July 2022
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.