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"The contagious micropolitics of alt-right memes: A post-philosophical analysis"



The call for a reinvigoration of critical theory has never sounded louder than during the COVID-19 pandemic: now that the disposability of all things material—starting with those racialized-sexualized-gendered embodied beings that have been made to not matter—has become clearer than ever, anthropocentrism-transcending post-philosophical frameworks and methodologies are shedding new light on extractive late capitalism, neoliberal governmentality, and the oftentimes bio-/necropolitical fascist politics supported by the foregoing intertwined systems. This talk addresses these issues by focusing on the Flemish identitarian youth movement Schild & Vrienden [Shield & Friends] and their alt-right memes, and will do so via such post-philosophical—or, put differently, critical new materialist, posthumanist, and post-qualitative—perspectives, in order to reveal the contagiousness of their fascist pedagogy and deadly memes-driven micro-spectropolitics.
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