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The introduction and spread of the Neolithic “way of life” in Europe was a process that took several millennia, followed by different rhythms and displayed singularities in each geographic area. It was therefore a very complex phenomenon that, despite highly significant advances in research in recent decades, is yet to be fully understood. To deepen our understanding of the very early stages of the introduction of herding and agriculture throughout the Old Continent, the 1st Conference on the Early Neolithic of Europe was organised in Barcelona on 6–8 November 2019. The conference was a great success with more than 200 participants, creating a stimulating arena to discuss and debate, exclusively, the transition to the Neolithic in Europe. This special issue brings together 52 of the contributions presented in Barcelona, offering an interesting overview of the current state of research across Europe, from the Anatolia to the Algarve, highlighting the geographical, chronological and socioeconomic diversity of the transformation processes involved in the Neolithisation of Europe and providing useful starting points for future research.
Supplementary material
edited by F. Borrell, I. Clemente, M. Cubas, J. J. Ibáñez,
N. Mazzucco, A. Nieto-Espinet, M. Portillo,
S. Valenzuela-Lamas, & X. Terradas
From Anatolia to Algarve. Assessing the Early Stages of Neolithization Processes in Europe
Ferran Borrell, Ignacio Clemente, Miriam Cubas, Juan José Ibáñez, Niccoló Mazzucco, Ariadna Nieto-Espinet,
Marta Portillo, Silvia Valenzuela-Lamas, Xavier Terradas
Research Articles
Mineral Resources, Procurement Strategies, and Territories in the Linear Pottery Culture in the
Aisne Valley (Paris Basin, France)
Pierre Allard, Caroline Hamon, Louise Gomart
Disruption, Preference Cascades, Contagion, and the Transition to Agriculture in Northern Europe
Peter Bogucki
Timing and Pace of Neolithisation in the Dutch Wetlands (c. 50003500 cal. BC)
Daan Raemaekers, Özge Demirci, Safoora Kamjan, Taravat Talebi, Mans Schepers, Hans Huisman,
Hans Peeters, Canan Ҫakirlar
Models of Neolithisation of Northeastern Iberian Peninsula: New Evidence of Human Occupations
During the Sixth Millennium cal BC
Raquel Piqué, Antoni Palomo, Xavier Terradas, Vasiliki Andreaki, Joan Anton Barceló, Igor Bogdanovic,
Àngel Bosch Lloret, Patrick Gassman, Oriol López-Bultó, Rafael Rosillo Turra
Social Rules and Household Interactions Within the LBK: Long-Standing Debates, New Perspectives
Caroline Hamon, Louise Gomart
Ceramic Traditions in the Forest-Steppe Zone of Eastern Europe
Konstantin Mikhailovich Andreev, Alexander Alekseevich Vybornov
The Mechanisms of Neolithisation of Western Europe: Beyond a South/North Approach
Caroline Hamon, Claire Manen
Early Neolithic Settlement Patterns in Northern Dalmatia
Kristina Horvat
New Evidence from Galeria da Cisterna (Almonda)and Gruta do Caldeirão on the Phasing of Central
Portugals Early Neolithic
João Zilhão
The Use of Rock Shelters During the Early Neolithic in the North of Alicante (Spain). The Site of
Penya Roja de Catamarruc (Alicante, Spain)as a Case Study
Gabriel García Atiénzar, Silvia Martínez Amorós, Laura M. Sirvent Cañada
Stone and Osseous Adornments in the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic of the Iron Gates
Monica Mărgărit, Adina Boroneanț, Clive Bonsall
The Neolithisation of the Adriatic: Contrasting Regional Patterns and Interactions Along and Across
the Shores
Sonja Kačar
A Very Early Fashion: Neolithic Stone Bracelets from a Mediterranean Perspective
Francisco Martínez-Sevilla, Emma L. Baysal, Roberto Micheli, Fotis Ifantidis, Carlo Lugliè
Anthropomorphic Symbols on Neolithic Vessels from Puglia
Giorgia Aprile, Ida Tiberi
Decorated or Undecorated: Analysis of the Early-Middle Neolithic Transition in Western Iberia
Through the Ceramics Stylist Techniques and Decorative Motifs
César Neves
Animist Ontologies in the Third Millennium BCE? Hunter-Gatherer Persistency and HumanAnimal
Relations in Southern Norway: The Alveberget Case
Anja Mansrud, Inger Marie Berg-Hansen
Neolithization Processes of East Belgium: Supra-Regional Relationships Between Groups Highlighted
by Technological Analysis of Lithic Industry
Solène Denis, Laurence Burnez-Lanotte, František Trampota
Territoriality and Settlement in Southern France in the Early Neolithic: Diversity as a Strategy?
Claire Manen, Thomas Perrin, Laurent Bouby, Stéphanie Bréhard, Elsa Defranould, Solange Rigaud,
Sylvie Philibert
The CardialEpicardial Early Neolithic of Lower Rhône Valley (South-Eastern France): A Lithic
Elsa Defranould
Funerary Practices as a Testimony of Ideology in Western Linearbandkeramik Culture
Anne Augereau
A Quantitative Study of the Linear Pottery Culture Cemetery Aiterhofen-Ödmühle
Yanik Hahnekamp
An Operative Sequences Network: The Technical Organization at Casa Montero Early Neolithic Flint
Mine (Madrid, Spain)
Nuria Castañeda
II Ferran Borrell et al.
The Routes of Neolithisation: The Middle Struma Valley from a Regional Perspective
Małgorzata Grębska-Kulow, Petar Zidarov
Mountains, Herds and Crops: Notes on New Evidence from the Early Neolithic in the Southern
Central Pyrenees
Ermengol Gassiot-Ballbè, Niccolò Mazzucco, Sara Díaz-Bonilla, Laura Obea-Gómez, Javier Rey-Lanaspa,
Marcos Barba-Pérez, David Garcia-Casas, David Rodríguez-Antón, Guillem Salvador-Baiges, Tona Majó-
Ortín, Ignacio Clemente-Conte
Developing a Reference Collection for Starch Grain Analysis in Early Neolithic Western Temperate
Clarissa Cagnato, Caroline Hamon, Aurélie Salavert, Michelle Elliott
Reections on the Other Side. A Southern Iberia Origin for the First Pottery Production of Northern
Rafael M. Martínez Sánchez, Juan Carlos Vera Rodríguez, Jesús Gámiz Caro, Salvador Pardo-Gordó, Guillem
Pérez-Jordà, Leonor Peña-Chocarro
Early Neolithic Settlement Patterns in the Polish Lowlands A Case Study of Selected Micro-Regions
in Eastern Kuyavia
Joanna Pyzel
Domesticated Water: Four Early Neolithic Wells in Moravia (CZ)
Ivana Vostrovská, Radomír Tichý, Michal Přichystal, Bernhard Muigg, Kristýna Urbanová, Pavlína Kalábková
Exploring the Broad Spectrum: Vegetal Inclusions in Early Neolithic Eastern Balkan Pottery
Tanya Dzhanfezova
A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Early Neolithic Pyrotechnological Structures. The Case
Study of Portonovo (Marche, Italy)
Cecilia Conati Barbaro, Vanessa Forte, Italo Maria Muntoni, Giacomo Eramo
Socialising the Landscape in the Early Neolithic of Thessaly, Greece
Stella Souvatzi, Agathe Reingruber, Giorgos Toufexis
Early Neolithic Husbandry in the Pre-Pyrenean Area. The Management of Herds at the Cova
Colomera (Serra del Montsec, Spain)and Its Implications for the Early Occupation of the Region
Patricia Martín, F. Xavier Oms
Transition from Swifterbant to Funnelbeaker: A Bayesian Chronological Model
Julia Menne, Mirco Brunner
Keeping the Frontier: Steps Towards Neolithizationin the Eastern Gulf of Finland
Dmitriy V. Gerasimov
Pastoral Practices, Bedding and Fodder During the Early Neolithic Through Micromorphology at
Cova Colomera (Southeastern Pre-Pyrenees, Iberia)
M. Mercè Bergadà, F. Xavier Oms
Similarities and Dierences Between Italian Early Neolithic Groups: The Role of Personal Ornaments
Roberto Micheli
The Phenomena La Hoguette and Limburg Technological Aspects
Erich Kirschneck
Setting the Boundaries of Early Neolithic Settlement Sites: The Ditch-Digging Practices in the Eastern
Nikolina Nikolova
Geoarchaeological and Paleo-Hydrological Overview of the Central-Western Mediterranean Early
Neolithic HumanEnvironment Interactions
Jean-Francois Berger
The First Italian Farmers: The Role of Stone Ornaments in Tradition, Innovation, and Cultural
Cristiana Petrinelli Pannocchia, Alice Vassanelli
Distribution of Organic-Tempered Pottery in Southeast Europe and the Near East: A Complex
Picture. The Case of Northern Greece
Trisevgeni Papadakou, Kostas Kotsakis, Dushka Urem-Kotsou
The Loom Weight, the Spindle Whorl, and the Sword Beater Evidence of Textile Activity in the
Early Neolithic?
Carole Cheval
The Subsistence Strategy of Linear Pottery Culture in Moravia (Czech Republic): Current State of
Alžběta Čerevková
The First Neolithic Occupation of La Cova del Randero (Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain)
Consuelo Roca de Togores Muñoz, Laura M. Sirvent Cañada, Silvia Martínez Amorós, Olga Gómez Pérez,
Virginia Barciela González, Carlos Ferrer García, Miguel Benito Iborra, Jorge A. Soler Díaz
Innovations of the Beginning of the Sixth Millennium BC in the Northern Pontic Steppe
Nadezhda Kotova, Olha Demchenko, Dmytro Kiosak
Herders and Pioneers: The Role of Pastoralism in the Neolithization of the Amblés Valley (Ávila,
Central Iberia)
Elisa Guerra Doce, María Pilar Zapatero Magdaleno, Germán Delibes de Castro, José Luis García Cuesta,
José Francisco Fabián García, José Antonio Riquelme Cantal, José Antonio López Sáez
Sign-Objects Among Neolithic Faunal Remains, Visible Symbols
Lamys Hachem
Dierent Paths of Neolithisation of the North-Eastern Part of Central Europe
Marek Nowak
IV Ferran Borrell et al.
New Kids on the Block?Reappraising Pottery Styles, aDNA, and Chronology from Western Iberia
Early Neolithic
Mariana Diniz
Neolithic Long Barrows and Enclosures as Landmarks of Ritual Landscape of Central and North
Jan Turek
Early Neolithic Large Blades from Crno Vrilo (Dalmatia, Croatia): Preliminary Techno-Functional
Sonja Kačar, Sylvie Philibert
The Neolithic Flint Quarry of Pozarrate (Treviño, Northern Spain)
Antonio Tarriño, Cristina López-Tascón, Hugo H. Hernández, Irantzu Elorrieta, Diego Herrero-Alonso,
Mikel Aguirre, David Larreina, Nuria Castañeda, José Antonio Mujika
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