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Global Surface Temperature Changes Datasets Converted to 1850-1900 Baseline



Changes in this version: added original baselines data, added formula for conversion from the original baseline to 1850-1900 baseline, including relevant conversion factor.
... global cumulative CO2 emissions according to publication [1] [2], CO2 emissions produced from fossil fuels and cement production onlyland use change is not included The dataset of global surface temperature changes for land and ocean converted to 1850-1900 baseline is publicly available in publication [9]. The dataset is based on NASA [4] [5], NOAA [6], and Berkley Earth [7] [8]. ...
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This publication analysis a correlation between the cumulative CO2 emissions and the global surface temperature change. The change in global surface temperature was calculated as the difference in the two most recent 31 years neighboring periods, and the change in the cumulative CO2 emissions is the difference between the actual values in the centers of the periods. This approach resulted in 0.000556°C/GtCO2 for the year 2000 and 0.000745°C/GtCO2 for the year 2021.
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