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Pyramiden und Planeten II – Gizeh-Plateau, Zeitpunkt und Geheimkammern


Abstract and Figures

The main idea is that a correlation exists between the three inner planets and the three pyramids of Giza. Now, this correlation has been extended to the inner system of chambers and corridors in the Cheops Pyramid. Interestingly, this correlation precisely defines a "Sun position" and a "Mars position" within the pyramid. Are these locations candidates for a new (secret) chamber? The astronomical approach is examined in detail.
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... Because F pos is given in percent, F pos must be divided by 100 before being inserted into Eqs. (71) and (72). If the "Sun position" is located near to the common center of the three chambers, meaning that r Sun is almost zero, then the relative position error dr, calculated with Eq. (71), is also nearly zero. ...
... A detailed discussion of the archaeological measurements and more facets are included in [5,14]. Some of the main points in [5] were published as articles in journals and as presentations (German) [3,4,[69][70][71][72]. They can be downloaded from (URL 16) or using the links provided in the reference list. ...
Technical Report
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A planetary correlation with the planets of our solar system has been found for the pyramids of Giza and now also for the pyramids at Teotihuacán in Mexico. This is a revised and extended version of the P4 Program Description from June, 2015. Concerning Giza, the extension relates mainly to the comparison between the planetary constellations and the chamber positions in the Great Pyramid. This implies an alternative “Sun position” and a second “Mars position” within the pyramid. The quick start options have been accordingly adapted and the results and text have been changed where necessary. Nevertheless, the astronomical basis of the calculations remains unchanged. As stated above, another planetary correlation has been found with respect to the pyramid area at Teotihuacán. This correlation is of a different kind compared to the situation at Giza, but could be easily included in the program because the astronomical calculations can be performed on the basis of the VSOP87 theory. This description provides the full P5 source code.
Merkurposition" in Richtung "Sonnenposition" entspricht evtl. dem höchsten Sonnenstand zur Wintersonnenwende (Abw. 2,6°)
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Blickrichtung "Merkurposition" in Richtung "Sonnenposition" entspricht evtl. dem höchsten Sonnenstand zur Wintersonnenwende (Abw. 2,6°). (?)