Verbascum birjandense and V. urumiense (Scrophulariaceae), two new endemic species for Flora of Iran

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Verbascum birjandense and V. urumiense are described as new endemic species of Verbascum from eastern and northwestern Iran. It was not possible to assign the samples of these two taxa to any of the known Verbascum species in Iran and adjacent regions. Collating the morphological characters of the samples against the specialized and pertinent literature of the genus led us to propose them as new species. Both belong to section Bothrosperma, subsection Fasciculata. These new species are morphologically close to V. erianthum and V. songaricum based on some key characteristics, but show some differences in basal leaves shape, pedicel size, the ratio of pedicel to calyx, presence of hairs inside the corolla, and the hair color of the stamen’s filaments. Distribution map and details of important characters are also presented.

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

... Four new endemic species from northern Iran have recently been described: Verbascum birjandense Sotoodeh and Verbascum urumiense Sotoodeh based on morphology (Sotoodeh et al. 2022), Verbascum parsana Sotoodeh, Attar & Civeyrel considering a combination of morphology and ITS and plastid DNA data Sotoodeh et al. (2015); and Verbascum shahsavarense Sotoodeh, Attar & Civeyrel based on the presence of bicoloured hairs on the stamen filaments and the unique characteristics of anthers and pedicels (Sotoodeh et al. 2016). ...
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2022: e03649 Verbascum zerdust Fırat (Sect. Bothrosperma Murb.), is described as a new species from Bitlis province, Turkey. From a morphological point of view, the new species appears to be similar to Verbascum ponticum (Boiss.) Kuntze and Verbascum bornmuellerianum Hub.-Mor., but it differs from both in several morphological features including plant height, indumentum, leaf and flower size, filament indumentum, seed and pollen morphology. A comprehensive description of the new species illustrated with detailed photographs, distribution map, habitat and ecology, vernacular name and IUCN conservation status is provided.
As part of the nomenclatural revision of the genus Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae) in Iran, we noted that seven names are still untypified. Thus, we have carried out a nomenclatural investigation which led to the designation of seven lectotypes for V. cheiranthifolium var. asperulum, V. flavidum, V. macrocarpum, V. sinuatum var. adenosepalum, V. straussii, V. suwarowianum var. pseudopersicum and V. szovitsianum.
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